Update on the 620 Motsepe Foundation sponsored candidates

One month into the 2015 academic year and the 620 Motsepe Foundation sponsored candidates are settling into the year and continuing the journey to achieving their dreams.

This number of students makes The Motsepe Foundation one of the South Africa’s biggest bursary granting bodies, something the Motsepe Foundation prides itself on as it seeks to eliviate poverty and help children from poor back grounds achieve their dreams.

The Motsepe Foundation is proud to be playing cardinal role in assisting these students achieve those dreams. All to often students who receive financial assistance to further their studies are hindered by the peripheral aspects of getting an education. The Motsepe Foundation has made its mission to ensure that these students are catered for to allow them to focus on their studies, hopefully one day graduate take up meaningful roles within South Africa’s economy contributing to the fight against poverty in our Country.

We wish them well in the academic year ahead.