The role played by traditional leaders in rural communities to ensure community development and growth is critical. The Motsepe Foundation works with rural communities through traditional leaders to fund programmes that are meaningful, innovative and will lead to self-sustainability. Through partnerships with government and traditional leaders, the Motsepe Foundation funds innovative ideas in agriculture and communities in rural areas to grow more food and become self-sustaining. This is accomplished through companies that work together with the Foundation. A fund of R50 Million has been set up for various traditional leaders towards agricultural programmes.

Similarly, the religious and faith-based leaders play a significant role in communities to help them improve their spiritual, physical and mental well-being. They are a pillar that provides hope and inspiration to the communities for their own betterment. The Motsepe Foundation works closely with these leaders in various programmes and leads the Development Forums in their communities. At a national level, the Motsepe Foundation annually makes a significant donation to all religious and faith-based organisations in South Africa.