Letter from the CEO



“The growth and impact of our initiatives would not be made possible without the partnerships we have developed with our key stakeholders.”



It brings me great pleasure to share our very first Motsepe Foundation newsletter with our valuable stakeholders. The purpose of our newsletter is to update our stakeholders on all of the developments and initiatives that take place at the Motsepe Foundation, locally, on the continent, and globally.

There is a saying that underpins how we work at the Foundation; “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Our organisation has been active in charitable giving from the 1990s, and since then we have expanded our efforts from humble contributions at home, to our Foundation’s large-scale initiatives that stretch across the globe. The steady growth of our work has been furthered by the partnerships we have developed over the years.

The early work of the Motsepe Foundation officially began in 1997. At the time we did not have an official structure or roadmap as to how we could help the country in the dawn of its newfound democracy. We only knew that it was our duty to serve the country as it entered a new chapter in its history.


As I write this, access to education continues to be a very important topic. As students demand that fees be reduced and academic institutions bear the brunt of the anger that is sweeping across the nation, the throbbing issue of access to education proves to be the foremost solution to building a better nation. The Motsepe Foundation believes that it is our duty to address this issue by providing access for the youth to a quality education.

At the fourth Motsepe Foundation Development Forums National Workshop, the Chairman stated that “Education is number one,” and added that it was the joint duty of the Foundation and the Forums to humbly contribute to the youth, and not to expect the government to carry the full weight of this responsibility.

At the 2016 Motsepe Foundation National Roadshow, Mr Motsepe and I will be visiting all the Forums in each of the provinces. At each Forum, we hope to identify schools that we hope will become the centres of upliftment and development in their respective regions. Making education the core focus of the Forums is important in helping the younger generation empower themselves.

In addition to this, The Foundation recently completed its review of the top 10 performing schools in each province. From this list, we will narrow it down further to the best performing school, which we hope will become the operational centre for our Forums. However, students from less successful schools will also be identified and included in our bursary programme. By identifying these schools and the students within them, we are able to catalyse the existing academic progress of the students through the added value that these Forums will bring, in terms of community upliftment and academic support.


The impact of our initiatives continues to grow, and we acknowledge that such an impact would not be made possible without the partnerships we have developed with our key stakeholders. We appreciate all that you do; from those in government, to those who work on the ground, and to the recipients of our programmes who find their own way to pay it forward.

Together, we have done much in the past year, but we have a lot more work to look forward to before the year comes to a close. We are adamant in ensuring that we do not lose momentum in each of our initiatives. We remain strident in our efforts to alleviate poverty and give access to opportunity for communities across the country.

I hope we can all continue to work together to make a measurable and sustainable difference in the lives of the poor, the unemployed and the marginalised.

Thank you!




Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe

Deputy Chairman & CEO

The Motsepe Foundation