Foundation conducts forum workshops

The Motsepe Foundation held a successful workshop with the chairmen and secretaries of the nation-wide Development Forums in June as a follow up to a similar workshop held in November last year to review progress made by the Forums in identifying sustainable projects for funding by the Foundation.

The Development Forums were elected during country-wide roadshows by the chairman and Founder of the Motsepe Foundation, Mr Patrice Motsepe and Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe.

The Foundation launched 26 Development Forums which have been set up to assist in identifying projects in the different municipalities in the nine provinces of South Africa.

So far, over R200-million has been allocated to these Municipalities-Metropolitan Foundation Development Forums for projects in education, women owned enterprises, youth-owned enterprises, religious and worker organisations, traditional authorities

The Foundation has also conducted roadshows which were aimed at evaluating progress made and the impact of the projects that were initiated and funded since the formation of each district or metropolitan municipality development forum and to discuss new projects that may be funded from the allocation of each forum.

In addition to the R200-million already allocated to the Forums, R100-million has also been allocated to other projects in South Africa and the rest of the African continent.

The workshops are key to developing a common understanding of the funding criteria and nature of projects the Foundation funds. Discussions were held on identifying Role Model and sustainable projects, a process which will be led by the Development Forums.

The delegates were advised that the Foundation’s manager in charge of Women and Youth In Business would visit all the Development Forum areas to discuss the criteria and assist in identifying projects in this sector.

It was also announced that all applications that have been submitted to the Foundation for evaluation had been reviewed. These were from Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s), from music and arts organisations, traditional councils and others.

A short list of projects that could be funded has been made, and an evaluation process to determine viability and control measures will now take place.

At The November workshop, one of the critical issues that was discussed was developing a culture of giving and sacrifice amongst Development Forum members and other stakeholders, partnerships with stakeholders, the Motsepe Foundation guidelines, and sustainability of projects funded through the Foundation.

The Motsepe Foundation and the Development Forums had made significant progress since the forums were established, the workshop was told.

The workshops are an ongoing process to ensure communication between the Motsepe Foundation and communities, through the Development Forums, is maintained.

The next workshop will be held on August 6 for traditional leaders. At the first workshop, the chairman and founder of the Foundation Mr Patrice Motsepe, urged members of the Forums to recognise the special nature of our kings and traditional leaders, and religious leaders.

All traditional leaders and government officials have been invited to this workshop. Further information will be made available at, and after the workshop.