Economic Empowerment

South Africa has come a long way since the first democratic elections in 1994. The country has developed in leaps and bounds and South Africa is “truly alive with possibilities.” The Government of the Republic of South Africa has made some staggering progress in the provision of basic necessities to our people, necessities such as water, electricity, housing, sanitation, education, medical care, infrastructure and financial assistance for the needy.

All these achievements have come at great effort and focus from the Government. However the road ahead is still a long and challenging one: more must still be done to fully realize South Africa’s “possibilities”. The task is a daunting one even for the most committed, able and willing, with the demands for provision of more of these basic services growing daily, as new households are developed across the length and breadth of the country. The rapid growth in urbanization numbers has placed great pressure on existing infrastructure in the cities and towns across South Africa, fuelling the need for more service delivery and economic assistance. The Government can do with all the help it can get, in its agenda to empower our people, move them out of the grip of poverty and achieve the grand objective of “a better life for all”. An age-old saying say’s “many hands, make light work”.

It’s in our hands

The Motsepe Foundation is a firm believer in this principle and in its own small humble way, has a conviction to ensure that it puts shoulder to the wheel and furthers the Government’s objectives where it can. The founding father of South Africa former President Nelson Mandela said on the eve of his retirement from active politics, “It is in your hands now”.

Sense of Pride

One of the projects that The Motsepe Foundation has undertaken was the empowerment of women to start their own bakery. The bakery supplies baked goods to the local market with the proceeds from the business going to the women for their personal benefit. This is a perfect example of the types of empowerment projects that The Motsepe Foundation seeks to initiate and support; projects which have the ability to live beyond The Motsepe Foundation’s involvement; projects that by their very nature instill a sense of pride, ownership and hope for a better tomorrow; projects that impact not just on one person but an entire community and changing fortunes and realigning people’s futures.

3 Women showcase their Motsepe Foundation assisted bakery
3 Women showcase their Motsepe Foundation assisted bakery

Aim: The Motsepe Foundation has 4 clear thrusts that it devotes a large portion of its time, to these are:


In each of the above The Motsepe Foundation has objectives that seek to uplift, empower, motivate and inspire the people of South Africa. Mr. Patrice Motsepe said: “ For the Motsepe family to give away what it has given away, does not mean that they will go hungry, it does not mean that they will not afford to live. The real sacrifice, is the one made by many an old woman who from their small Government grant of some R850 (US$85) selflessly share their groceries with the child headed household next door, which often means that they will not be able to afford meat for their own family.” People like these are the real heroes for the conviction and caring.

Most of our donations have been private but the need and challenges are great and we hope that our Giving Pledge will encourage others in South Africa, Africa and other emerging economies to give and MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.