The Motsepe Foundation is also focussing on processing applications for the funding of women and youth owned businesses which, for tax purposes will be done by a separate company that is associated with the Motsepe Family. Initiatives are being undertaken to involve and partner with experienced and successful locally based companies to ensure that businesses that do get funded are sustainable and commercially viable.

The Motsepe Foundation is also evaluating applications for funding of projects by locally based NGOs, Religious Organisations, Traditional Authorities, Community-based Sports Organisations, Worker Organisations and Music and Arts Organisations.

Mr Motsepe, will during 2015 visit each of the 26 Development Forums throughout South Africa to assess the effectiveness and impact of the projects that have been funded as well as to receive feedback from the local residents of the 26 Motsepe Foundation Development Forums in South Africa.

Most of our donations have been private but the need and challenges are great and we hope that our Giving Pledge will encourage others in South Africa, Africa and other emerging economies to give and MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.