Africa Comes Together at Cambridge University

Africa Together is an annual event organized in Cambridge University to commemorate Africa Day. During the event, attendees sampled the very best of Africa, from food, to music, and culture. A diverse group of speakers, which included Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe, also attended, bringing with them fresh insight and sharp discussions about the continent.

For her address, Dr Precious urged the students in attendance to influence how mass media and publications choose to portray Africa; by telling and shaping their own authentic stories.

To underscore her main message of changing the image and narrative of the continent, Dr Precious discussed her experiences in Rwanda, which made her more optimistic about the future of the continent.

She spoke of the changing narrative that was highlighted by the Economist, in which Africa was portrayed as a “basket case” in one year, only to be later depicted as “a continent with increasing wealth” a few years later.  To ensure that this new shift in perception holds, and that Africa rises and succeeds in the 4th industrial revolution, Dr Precious implored the students to bring their much-needed skills to the continent. Importing such skills is critical, especially given the extent of the “inequality that threatens to destabilize our society.”

Lastly, Dr Precious related the work of the Motsepe Foundation, especially its focus on education for girls in the STEM fields, to the changing narrative of Africa and the economic empowerment that narrative may bring.