ABC Motsepe Schools Eisteddfod and Traditional Music

One of the strategic objectives of this school enrichment programme is to promote national reconciliation, a South African national identity, social transformation and cohesion among the school-going South African youth.

The Foundation began its involvement in the programme in 2016. For the first time, schools received prize money at a National level to purchase school needs that would enhance the choir or the broader school community.

The Motsepe Foundation made a decision to sponsor and support this programme due to the great work that is being done to promote all music genres in schools. It is a classic example of a role model project that involves communities at all levels and brings vibrancy to schools and communities alike. The Motsepe Foundation intends to maximise, advocate and support the education sector, by reaching out to the communities that benefit from the programme.

The programme is open to all schools; urban, rural, farm as well as special schools. It commences at school level and moves from the circuit/area, district, and provincial level, to the National level, which is normally hosted in the first week of July every year.

The Motsepe Foundation’s sponsorship ensures that sports, especially girls’ participation in sports, is encouraged and supported, so that young girls can excel in sport and in class and become roles models in the communities they are from.


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