Building a brighter future for all our people

With a Global View for upliftment, sustainability and growth, we “The Motsepe Foundation” take action to improve the lifestyle and living conditions of the poor, the disabled, the unemployed, women, the youth, the workers and marginalised South African’s. As a Foundation and to honour our Giving Pledge we focus on various initiatives, grants and projects that will assist and support beneficiaries, communities and businesses to become more self-sustaining and independent.

Globally, our contributions are towards health research for HIV/AIDS (MTC transmission prevention and AMFAR developing a cure) and Cancer (Milken Institute), nature conservation, water and sanitation, environmental protection, and education (HKS partnership.) We also support the late stage business development with the Schwab Foundation. In Africa, we support the African Union for the fight against the dreaded disease Ebola and contribute towards emergency relief for affected areas. And as a developing country, we understand that we need to work with and encourage other African Governments to develop economies that can sustain and support efforts aimed at addressing poverty, joblessness, illiteracy and disease.

Our devotion clearly shows our Focus Areas

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